Get Better Sleep with One Easy Change

Raise your hand if you leap out of bed in the morning, ready to tackle the day? Not you either?

I’ve never been a morning person so I if I don’t get into bed and alseep at a decent hour I’m dragging the next day. And if you’re like me, the only time you get to mindlessly scroll Instagram or shop online for dry shampoo is after the kids are asleep and tomorrow’s lunches are packed.

I’ve tried to be better about internet usage at night and initiate a “no tech” rule 1 hour before bed. The reason being because the glow of the phone or tablet or tv screws up the natural circadian rhythm we all inherently have. Our bodies rely on external cues help synchronize or alter our rhythms; they include temperature, nutrition, meal timing, social interactions pharmacological interventions (medicines, drugs), and, most prominently, the light/dark cycle of the earth. (source)

Have you ever noticed the light in the morning before the sun is up is a blue hue? And the light in the evening is a nice rosy orange? This is nature’s way of waking us up and lulling us to sleep. So it’s no surprise the blue glow emitted from our various devices we’re checking in bed is sending mixed signals, causing restlessness and lack of good sleep.

One Simple Fix
Short of telling you to avoid Internet usage before or in bed, one thing you can do is install the free F.lux app for your device. It makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day. Just tell f.lux what kind of lighting you have, and where you live and it’ll adjust, automatically. It’s pretty great and so much easier on your eyes than the harsh glare of a bright screen in a dimly lit room!


Flux app logo





Download it for free here.

I do recommend a “tech-free” hour just before bed to really allow yourself to decompress, settle down and get ready for sleep. If you don’t allow your body to do that then yes you will have issues not only falling asleep but getting a restful night’s sleep!