I put a lot of thought into gift giving. I guess it’s my Love Language. Surprise your favorite him or her with a gift that will be good for their health as well! Win-win in my book. Check out the following ideas for something that’s sure to be outside of the ordinary but also practical and pretty at the same time.


healthy gift guide for her


1 Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind:Paleo-Inspired Recipes cook book – More than 150 sweet and savory recipes that show healthy eating doesn’t have to be bland and boring. Try the Rocky Road Brownies ;)

2 Great Lakes Collagen – Collagen is all the rage, and for good reason. As we age, our skin loses elasticity. Bummer! But regularly consuming collagen helps the body’s natural production of collagen and therefore increases skin elasticity and moisture. It also lubes joints and connective tissue and coats the gut for improved mobility and digestion. Hooray! Tasteless, textureless and a wonderful protein powder (11g per serving), grab some now and start adding to your breakfasts every morning.

3 Beautycounter+ Plumping Mini Spa Set – Beautycounter makes these collections of mini-sized targeted masks, mists, and oils formulated with safer ingredients to enhance your daily skin care regimen. Choose between Brightening (to minimize pigmentation and sun damage), Plumping (to hydrate and minimize fine lines) or Balancing (to calm redness or oiliness).

4 Dry Body Brush – Sensing a theme? Glowing, hydrated skin! Man, combine #2,3,4 and you’ll be looking fabulous! I started adding dry brushing to my morning routine before I shower and have noticed great results. Dry brushing is a great way to wake up, exfoliate for the softest skin ever and get your lymphatic system circulating. Comes with a removable handle.

5 Aromatherapy Flax Neck and Eye Pillows – Infused with lavender, these flax-filled bags can be microwaved for a warm and soothing stress release. Wrap around your neck, knees, lower back…wherever you are feeling tense. Perfect for the friend who does it all and needs some pampering!

6 Athleta pullover – Super cute for looking pulled-together while running errands or actually heading to the gym.

7 Emily McDowell Mug – This shop has so many quirky and witty gifts it was hard to choose! This mug would inspire a smirk in the mornings.

8 Matcha tea – Has 137x more antioxidants than regularly brewed green tea and produces a calmer buzz. Definitely a great gift for a tea or coffee drinker.

9 Essential Oil diffuser – One of the prettier, more modern designs I’ve seen in a diffuser. Comes in other colors too.

10 Earrings by Virginia Wynne – Choose from several different metals and matte or polished. Lots of simple and understated pieces that are perfect for layering.

11 Champagne tank – Champagne and green juice, the best of extremes :)

12 Philips Wake Up Light with Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock – I HATE waking up to the sound of an alarm and since I’m light sensitive, I’m hoping Santa will bring me one of these to try. How nice would it be to wake up to a warm glow in the room rather than a cheesy ring tone or blaring horn alarm?

13 Ninja Mega Kitchen System – My Hamilton Beach personal blender finally crapped out and so did the food processor we received as a wedding gift, so we’re planning on upgrading to the Ninja trio. Would be great for a lady who is always whipping up kitchen concoctions!



1 Defy and Inspire – Target’s own line of nail polish 5-free and goes on thick and smooth. These are also perfect for the reality TV fan in your life since the color names are inspired by cult shows like The Bachelor (“The Right Reasons” and “The Rose”) and Gossip Girl (XOXO).

2 Essential Oils
Brain Aid Essential Oil – Use in the diffuser for when you need some extra brain power.

Relax Essential Oil – Or use when you’re needing to chill out for 5 minutes.

3 Kate Spade Wristlet – Perfect for ditching the diaper bag and carrying only the necessities.



healthy gift guide for him

Not one to leave out the boys, I put together what I think are some great options to give a break from the dress shirts and ties (although socks are on the list, they’re at least some great socks!)


1 A subscription to Headspace appMeditation has been shown to reduce daily stress and perceived stress. Give it a shot!

2 Wood and leather watch – This one is a nice balance between form and function.

3 Charcoal Cleansing Bar – Beautycounter’s Charcoal Bar is a Best Seller for a reason – it’s GREAT for acne, oiliness and keeping pores clean without the harsh chemicals from common drug store brands. Plus it’s black and looks manly in the shower.

4 The Dude Diet cookbook – Not excited about eating “healthy food”?  This cookbook can change your mind.

5 Native Deodorant – Conventional deodorant is one of the worst toiletries you can use because of cancer-causing aluminum. Hop on the natural deodorant bandwagon and give this popular option a try. Smells like eucalyptus and mint!

REI Smart Wool Socks – Wool is the gold standard for warm toes. Give him the warm and fuzzies with this pair from Smart Wool (great quality too). 

7 RTic High Ball Tumbler – Equally rugged and sophisticated.

8 Sir Kensington Sriracha Mayo – Mayonnaise + Sriracha. Need I say more?

9 Qalo ring – Work out without the cramp of the wedding band crushing your fingers. Silicone, washable and cheap. No more excuses!

10 Loominoodle – OK so it’s not a healthy gift per se, but what dude wouldn’t like one of these?! I haven’t witnessed it firsthand, but the reviews look awesome. I’m getting this one for Jon so I hope it’s as functional and impressive as it looks.

11 TRX Training – Suspension Trainer Basic Kit – Get your fit on even when you have tight quarters or it’s nasty outside.



1 Meditation EO roll on – You know, ‘cause, stress. Apply to temples and forearms.

2 Rx Bars – Everything you need and nothing you don’t. Protein on-the-go.

3 Dr.Bronner’s Chapstick – I love and trust Dr.Bronner’s products for their quality, longevity and cleanliness. With the dry air creeping up this Fall, everyone needs a good chapstick.


Looking for more Gift Guides? Check out the Healthy Gift Guide for Kids (Infants & Toddlers and Preschoolers). Happy Shopping!


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