I think I’m ready to usher out the sweaty sticky days of summer in favor of the crisp cool mornings of Fall! Who’s with me?! We have a low key weekend planned and will be prepping for Hurricane (hopefully then Tropical Storm) Irma’s rain and wind to hit us early next week. Keeping my thoughts and prayers with everyone still struggling from Harvey and who have felt the wrath of Irma.

*Art by Teil Duncan

An amazing appetizer to wow a crowd. Seriously, my girlfriends and I were hovering over the bowl at a recent get together.

The answer to an underactive tush? You have my attention.

Time to put down the Cheetos in favor of these snacks.

I’m reordering a set of these for my little ones to be stocked and ready for the Fall season.

This is one of my goals, (if only a certain little person would sleep in!)

Another study showing you should “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper!”

Currently sitting in my Amazon cart, waiting for me to pull the trigger on it. Anyone used one?

I’m already thinking about it. It’s kinda my thing.

If you’re in North Carolina, get your calendar out. There’s lots to see and do coming up! If you live elsewhere, here’s a list of ways to have a #basic Fall near you.