Meal Planning and Shopping for Whole30 success

I started my meal planning in preparation for Day 1 of the Whole30 challenge on Thursday. Being that we start on a Thursday I’m not putting too much pressure on myself
and planning out 3 days’ worth of meals to get me through to my next shopping trip. Here’s what I have planned:


I can’t do eggs right now, so my meals will be egg-free. However if you can eat eggs breakfast should be pretty easy with the countless options that eggs provide (frittatas with veggies, zucchini and egg mcmuffins, sausage and eggs with fruit, etc.)

Here are some ideas I have in mind for my meals:

  • chicken sausages bought at the meat counter at Earth Fare; sliced pear and Trader Joe’s almond butter
  • smoothie with Great Lakes grass-fed gelatin, coconut oil and almond butter for blood sugar-balancing protein and good fats
  • Trader Joe’s turkey burger with mustard; banana slices with TJ’s coconut flakes and raw cashews


  • chicken salad (from the can) made with avocado, grape quarters and chopped celery and almonds;
  • salad with grilled chicken (bought at the on-site cafe at work). I’ll be bringing my own dressing of olive oil, balsamic and mustard blended together; sliced apples
  • leftovers from dinner


  • baked salmon with a “clean” chipotle seasoning; butternut squash and leek soup
  • rotisserie chicken, roasted sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts with chili powder and coconut oil
  • leftovers


  • tangerines and mixed roasted (unsalted) nuts
  • pear slices and almond butter
  • Lara bars (judiciously, and probably only half at a time bc dates = blood sugar spike)
  • sliced and salted avocado
  • hopefully some compliant beef jerky if I can get my hands on some

Last two nights we had a fajita bowl with skirt steak, black beans, fresh cilantro, cauliflower rice, sautéed onion and pepper trio and some Cholula. It was really tasty and I’ll probably add it to my list for next week!

A while ago I created a little “weekend template” for errands I needed to run, meals and grocery lists, and room to remind myself of any plans we’d made. I bought 2 clipboards that fit the paper size and they make it much easier to write on and cross off my list when I’m at the store.


Scribbles courtesy of my shopping helper :)

My makeshift “command center” hangs in the kitchen so I can keep track of our plans, important mail, etc. It basically keeps my head on straight!

I’m a list maker and I like to have it written down. Sure I have several lists going in Evernote that I can sync up between my laptop and phone, but there’s something cathartic about writing it down and crossing it off. It’s not hidden in the interwebs to overlook and never get done.



I hope my list and Whole30 Challenge Pinterest board help you plan out simple meals that you’ll get excited about eating! Whole, real foods doesn’t have to mean dry and boring. Experiment!