I like buying off others’ recommendations so if you’re like me, you might find this list helpful. I also enjoy trying new products and seeing what works best for me and my family so this list is always evolving. It can provide a good starting point if you’re new to clean eating and living to just get what someone recommends and go from there. I try to purchase organic, non-gmo and the least toxic options when possible and support local farmer’s and businesses when possible.

*Some of these links are affiliate links to various products and services that I wholeheartedly believe in, support and buy myself. You are not obligated to purchase via these links but if you choose to the price is the same for you but I will earn a small commission. This commission helps support the site and the best information and services that will most benefit you! Thank you.



Organic Coconut oil – My preferred oil to cook with. I get Carrington Farms Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by the tub at Costco for an amazing price.

Braggs Raw Apple Cider Vinegar – Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is such a versatile ingredient. It’s great for splashing in water in the morning before breakfast, sipping on when you’re feeling under the weather, for salad dressings, as well as numerous DIY beauty recipes. I always buy ACV raw and with “the mother” (the floaties at the bottom) since that’s where the beneficial properties are. Never drink ACV straight and use a glass or stainless steel straw if you’re concerned about your tooth enamel.

PB8 Probiotics – If you start with one supplement, let it be a good basic probiotic. The elderly and young baby alike can benefit from taking one. It’s helpful to also rotate brands so your body doesn’t acclimate to the particular strains in any one kind.

Great Lakes Grass-Fed Gelatin – A great protein source and helps build strong hair, nails, skin and heal the gut lining. The green can version is water soluble and dissolves into my smoothie, coffee, lemon water, etc. without additional flavor or texture. Get the red can if you want it to gel up for making gummies or to use as a thickener.

Activated Charcoal – I discovered this last Fall when our family got the flu over Christmas. In a nutshell it can bind to any bad bugs/germs before they’re absorbed into your intestines, making you sick. It’s great for when you think you’ve been exposed to something gastrointestinal. I recently starting using it as a face mask for pulling deep dirt and oil out of pores!

Elderberry Syrup – Rich in Vitamin C and bioflavonoids, elderberry syrup has long been revered for it’s ability to support the immune system during cold and flu season.

Thorne Research Vit D/K2 drops – Vitamin K2 works synergistically with  calcium and vitamin D in the body, which is why I take these drops instead of Vit D alone. Vitamins D and K are fat-soluble so take with some good fats for optimum absorption. Most people are deficient in Vit D and need to supplement. Get your 25(OH)D levels tested, with the goal to be between 50 and 80.

Hamilton Beech Personal Blender – Not the best, not the worst. I haven’t been bothered to upgrade so I’ll keep on shaking it like a drink mixer to get frozen fruit chunks blended up. Great for 1 smoothie’s worth.

Dehydrator – I like to dry sliced fruit, veggies, meats and herbs for granola, snacks or use out of season.

Spiralizer – This is such a fun way to make gluten free and carb free noodles! I like to make zucchini noodles under meatballs and marinara, or curly sweet potato fries, or a veggie salad of zucchini/carrots/yellow squash.




Bob’s Red Mill – I appreciate the whole line of Bob’s products. I use the Almond Meal, Arrowroot Powder, Garbanzo Bean flour and Gluten Free All Purpose Flour (when I’m feeling lazy) the most

Coconut Secret Organic Raw Coconut Aminos – The sap from the coconut tree is combined with sea salt and naturally aged to create coconut aminos. This is a soy and gluten free alternative to soy or tamari sauce.

Shredded Dried Coconut & Coconut Flakes – I love topping my smoothies, cookies, muffins, granola, etc. with coconut flakes. I’ve been buying organic unsweetened flakes from Trader Joes.



Jason Natural Sea Fresh All Natural Sea-Sourced Toothpaste Deep Sea Spearmint  – I’ve really liked this Jason toothpaste, although I still want to try a few others. I like that this has no fluoride, gluten or detergents in it

Argan Oil – Josie Maran is known for her argan oil products. They’re overpriced, sure, but I like the light feel and peace of mind that I’m purchasing from a good company with quality-sourced products.

Deodorant – I’ve tried Primal Pit Paste and SoapWalla Cream deo, and although both worked well to combat the stink, they left me with baking soda rashes :( I’m going the DIY route using arrowroot powder instead for my sensitive pits. Will follow up!

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara, Black Tea – I’ve had less smudging and more growth with this brand than my traditional Maybelline Great Lash

Dry Brush – One third of your body’s toxins are excreted through the skin! That’s why it’s best not to add to your toxic load with crummy lotions and beauty products. I’ve been trying different methods of detoxing and this is one I’ve incorporated into my morning ritual. When done regularly, dry brushing helps exfoliate, tighten and tone the skin, increase circulation, and supports the lymphatic system.


DIY Cleaning Products

Coming soon!

Zensufu Back Pain Relief Acupressure Mat and Pillow SetSupposed to “offer deep relaxation and tension relief for your neck, shoulders and back.” My husband and I both carry lots of tension in our upper neck and back (who doesn’t?!) so I’m trying this out. Will write a blog post of my findings!



Coming soon!



Coming soon!