I’m gearing up for holiday shopping and with Black Friday just hours away, I thought it’d be helpful to put together a gift guide for young kids (since that’s what I know). These will be Health Coach approved, meaning they are tested for lead, they don’t contain harmful chemicals or ingredients, they inspire open-ended play, and they encourage kids to move their bodies! (more…)


I’d never heard of Fire Cider until maybe 2 years ago. I saw it on Pinterest (naturally) and it caught my eye as an “old school” way to stay healthy. People have been making it for generations. It’s definitely something my grandfather would have known about. (more…)

I’ve been dairy-free for a few years now and although my reason was for my own health, many nursing moms make the adjustment for the health of their babies or to help their older kids feel better. While I’ll save the impacts of consuming dairy for a future post, I wanted to share my favorite dairy-free substitutions that will help ease your transition to living without cheese and milk! Most of these can be found in your local health food store.


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